Why can i not post my tags?

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Why can i not post my tags?

Postby Hades408 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:08 pm

I cannot post my tags anywhere. Why am i banned from posting tags? Is it because i made a tag stating GAME OVER?
If so, thats ridiculous. I havent offended anyone, Its called "Freedom of speech". You banning me from posting my tags is wrong. The statement "game over" is stating that i am done spending ridiculous amounts of money on this game. Thats it. Kinda funny you havent responded to any of my emails in the past YEAR, but in less than 24 hours you can take the initiative to ban me for making a tag.. This whole forum is a joke along with your customer service. You can take everyones money but you cant even have the decency to respond to an email, let alone fix their problem.
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