At least tell me im banned!!!!

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At least tell me im banned!!!!

Postby Thumderball » Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:56 am

It is obvious that a lot of us are disappointed with the recently implemented game rules. And i sent many support emails this weekend to that end, some nice some not so nice. Most games you play on your phone don't really cost much but this one does, and it now costs more to play. So when you are collecting actual money from players we are going to have some strong opinions on what you do with the game. After all we are talking $99 not 99cents. Constantly changing the rules is crap you need to stop. it makes the game unpredictable and often wastes your gold. Hopping is not evil. Its hard and it uses a lot of gold. After all anyone can hop, or used to be able to. I personally wasted a ton of gold this weekend and i was pissed, and still am and i tried to rally support for my cause any way i could world chat etc. now it seams i have been blocked from the game. As of 11:30pm no version of ac will let me in. So you are welcome for all the money i sent you guys and thanks for the lack of communication. You guys should really treat your customers better.
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