Foul language & harassing must be stopped by admin

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Foul language & harassing must be stopped by admin

Postby Willowbrook » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:02 pm

I am being totally harassed by someone on the game and something needs to be done about it please. I am not easily offended by this person has just gone way to far and should not be allowed to continue stalking me and cursing me out (to put it mildly) whenever things don't go his way. I have heard that you "know everything and see everything" so should I assume these kind of vulgarities to a female (or anyone else for that matter is okay with Pixel)? RYAN ARE YOU HEARING THIS, because I understand you are the man to go to with problems. How do I get you guys the accurate information on my ACR name and the person who is practically stalking me. Besides the name calling he is paying people to rob my community as part os his "tasks" which he has already spent over 200 million on. And how all this started... I don't even know. While I realize we can't always get what we want, I think he should be banned from commenting for awhile & if there is any way for him to not even be able to reach me I would be thrilled. He has taken any fun out of this game and that's what I have told him, calm down, it's just a game. Enough is enough is enough so now what?
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