My Suggestions for Bosses. PLEASE READ DEVS!!

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My Suggestions for Bosses. PLEASE READ DEVS!!

Postby Don't kill my vibe » Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:53 am

Before I begin, please understand that I do not hate the developers and I actually love this game. I am in school to become a consultant and have a background in computer science, and I wish to just contribute my best constructive criticism. I do have to say that I was greatly disappointed the last two boss weekends. I think that the solution to clan hopping was a very good idea but the issue with it is that it also punished people who don't partake in clan hopping! It is now extremely time consuming for high level players to even get through one or two bosses which is really sucks. I will now explain my full grievance, and break up this wall of text..

Most players that have reached over 1,000 stamina have bought gold and love to work on bosses. These players tap a lot during the weekends and their boss health continues to rise at a huge rate, we are stuck spending more gold than ever to defeat each boss. I spent about 430 gold in total to kill just two bosses. This is a lot of gold for two recycled weapons and some cash I can make within four days. My major issue is just the rate at which the boss health rises has shot up dramatically since the patch for clan hoppers. I don't like to complain but I am a poor college kid and I do give what I can to this game and to my clan, I just wish I could receive a bit more bang for the buck. I understand that you are trying to maximize the profits you can generate off of this game, but people will just see more of an incentive to tap and buy gold if they are being rewarded better! Now, onto my solution..

I believe that clans which stick together are the ones that should get lower boss health, these functioning units work together to kill bosses which requires us to buy gold. I think that it should take each member about 150 gold at the most to kill each boss, and that number shouldn't include the 50 which is returned from taking down the boss. In order to do this, I propose that clans in which no new members are added during the boss, the health remains at half of what it would be, or even 60%. I think that once a new member joins, they should increase the health to the full 100% and include the extra penalty for joining late. This will increase the amount of clans and the utilization. I understand wanting to slow down the higher levels, but people level 150+ are getting screwed and those at the top still manage to dominate.

This is just my two cents, it really upsets me that I tapped over 60k and only got two weapons I already had and less than two billion. I just think that you should consider cutting the people which have paid for so long a bit of a break, we don't mind the money but the amount of time we spend tapping really sucks.
Don't kill my vibe
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Re: My Suggestions for Bosses. PLEASE READ DEVS!!

Postby 8cosa0nostra8 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:41 pm

Did anyone actually read this? I didn't, I'd hate to drink with this guy. Talk my ears off...
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Re: My Suggestions for Bosses. PLEASE READ DEVS!!

Postby Rydaz6 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:40 pm

Hahahaha cosa
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Re: My Suggestions for Bosses. PLEASE READ DEVS!!

Postby Mogadishu Mafia » Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:55 pm

I do agree with the first poster here. It shouldn't be too gold intensive to get some bosses. I do notice that some players, like Smoking Ganja were able to get 40-50 bosses. Don't know how he does it without spending a mint. I would like the tricks to the game to be spelled out better. Why if we are regular players and are willing to spend some money do we constantly feel cheated each weekend when we see someone else has learned a new tactic to get dozens of bosses?
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Re: My Suggestions for Bosses. PLEASE READ DEVS!!

Postby Isjaffer » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:12 pm

Theres no tactics, go and check how much gold he has bought, check how many L.E items he has (the ones u get for free when you buy gold), they tap till their fingers get numb, there are no tricks to the game
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