Clan leader and officers

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Clan leader and officers

Postby Usu Daemon » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:58 pm

Having a problem in a brother clan. The leader is never on except for boss event. His members are actively advertising for new members. New members send request to join but do not get added till boss event has already started giving them a handicap for first I understand but the second gets big boost in health. So my idea is to have a vice leader and a sergeant at arms type officer. Clan leader would be the only one able of selecting said officers and taking away. Vice leader would have same power as clan leader except disbanding clan and relieving bonus if that is still happening. Sergeant at Arms would only have control over war issues I.e. accepting war, declining war, and starting war. This would solve a lot of problems leaders that can't get on everyday for whatever reason and more clan participation instead of just showing up and tapping leaving everything to leader. Clan hopping is up to u but i only want it for my two clans i.e. other clan needs help then i can send a guy over that either has gold saved up or buys it. That would be the only reason I would be ok with it for the good intentions. Please at least consider my idea and reply to me so that I can update my clan and my brother clan.
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