[NEW] Prison Break Boss

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[NEW] Prison Break Boss

Postby Ryan@PixelAddicts » Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:46 pm

Our boss events have been giving out weapons since the start. Players are starting to fill up their cartel with powerful items and are maxing out their stats. the only way to break down this wall is to grow your cartel size. This can be done by adding other players or by purchasing GUNMAN for 5 gold each. Each member in your cartel can hold 1 weapon, 1 protection and 1 vehicle item. By increasing your cartel size, you can add 3 items to hold which increases your attack/defense stats.

We figured we would add another way to increase your cartel size.

Introducing the PRISON BREAK boss. Break prisoners out and convert them to GUNMAN. Every 2000 DAMAGE on the prison releases one prisoner. He then will be shipped to you where you can collect and add to your cartel effectively increasing your cartel size and power potential.

With that being said, LET'S GO BREAK OUT SOME PRISONERS!
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